Share Videos, Websites and Downloadable Files
Are you looking for Australian Curriculum worksheets, PowerPoints, YouTube videos and websites? With ORB Share, you can share your favourite resources and benefit from the sharing of your colleagues. With a little help from each teacher, we can build a fantastic collection of resources, each directly linked to the new curriculum. And what's more, with our Resource Mapping page, you don't even need to find or make your own resources; simply select one from our list and map it to the Australian Curriculum. Click Here to get started or read some more info about how all this works.
An Introduction to ORB Share
What is it for?
Teachers need resources that help with the new Australian Curriculum.  If every teacher shared one single resource then there could be a collection of many thousands of worksheets, lesson plans, videos and web links for you to pick from, most of which would be free.
How is it organised?
We provide a page for every descriptor in the Australian Curriculum.  Each can display a range of free and priced resources, along with website links and videos.
What do I have to do?
If you like videos, then post a video link with a description in order to access all the other shared videos. The same applies to websites and downloadable resources (e.g. worksheets, PowerPoints and lesson plans). It's really a case of doing a little work for the community and getting the benefit of everyone else's time. (By the way, your downloadable offering doesn't need to be flash: a tidy single-page activity sheet created in MS Word is fine).
Can I sell my work?
Yes. Although your first downloadable must be a free share, any subsequent products can be marked with a price. If your product is sold, then you earn 60% of the takings (minus a 30c transaction fee to cover banking costs).
How do I get started?
Sign up for an account and add a resource or two. It may take a while before there is a large collection for you to pick from, but you will be ready when there is (and of course, if everyone waits, we all get nowhere).
Don't Delay - Share Today
(and please encourage others to do the same)

Filter by subject, year, strand, substrand and elaboration.
Join our Free Share Zone by submitting a single resource, then download as many free shares as you like.
Buy and sell your own resources in the Marketplace.
Find a website for the collection and all shared links will become available.
Submit a video link and access all those shared by others.